India- A country rich in history, culture and resources is the seventh largest country by area and with 1.3 billion people, the second most populated country in the world.  Tragically, India also represents approx 49% of the world’s diabetes burden with 72 million cases reported as of 2017. Over 70% of total deaths in India are a result of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and kidney disease.  Even more tragic is the number of children suffering from chronic disease like childhood obesity which is expected to affect 17 million by 2025. These diseases are preventable, treatable and in many cases even reversible and yet the solution is generally unknown to the public.

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Three Gates One Path is a documentary designed to share life-changing, disease reversing solutions within the context of the vastly diverse and rich heritage of India, inspiring Indian populations around the globe to fully experience the freedom of vibrant health.

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